Patient-Centric Marketing

"Marketing has a huge role to play in delivering patient centric outcomes, and it starts by redefining the engagement strategy.”

- Pierre Robinet, President of Ogilvy Health ASIA

Patient-centered marketing strategies benefit brands and patients alike, but this high-stakes sector requires careful attention to logistics, privacy, empathy, and trust. 'Patient Centric Marketing: Leveraging empathy and data to improve care', a new whitepaper from Ogilvy, Oracle, and APACMed, shows brands how to improve outcomes through marketing.

Patient-centric marketing can increase access to care for more consumers and patients, address the right physicians at the right time with what matters to their patient, and empower your sales force with patient insights. Success will follow for those brands who communicate in the context of customised local knowledge, empowered communities, and empathetic care. The best outcomes happen when patients are at the core of every decision.

Download now to discover the four steps for activating patient-centric marketing, and learn…

  • How to use patient journeys
  • How you can augment existing patient behaviors
  • Why a customer data platform is essential

Patients are operating more independently and need empathetic brands they can believe in. Patient-centric marketing can help establish that trust.