Know Your Audience

Connecting Anonymous Users in a Cookie-free World

When Google announced it was phasing out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser by 2024, the decision had a significant and lasting impact, forcing marketers to rethink the way they understand and reach consumers online. However, there is a silver lining: this change has the potential to strengthen customer relationships, but only for brands with the right strategy.

In our role as experts in data-driven marketing and customer experience (CX), we have partnered with leading customer engagement platform Braze to develop a new whitepaper, "Know Your Audience", to help marketers adapt and succeed in today's rapidly changing landscape by leveraging their most value asset–customer data.

We will walk you through the information you need to not only survive in tomorrow's cookie-free world, but also be well positioned to beat your competition by:

  • Focusing on zero and first party data
  • Understanding your known and anonymous users
  • Taking a people-centric approach to customer engagement